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What we have learned about life on our estate during World War II

What we have learned about living on our estate during World War II


During this project we wanted to learn more about the effect of the War on our estate and school. It has been really interesting to investigate because before we didn’t know whether there had been any effect on the people or place.


The biggest surprise was when we discovered that an unexploded bomb had landed in Class 1. We found it unbelievable that the children returned to class in the afternoon.  Using the maps and aerial photos, we also learned that the houses on our estate were damaged by bombs.  A few of the houses were demolished and a lot of them had some sort of damage. 


It was really interesting to speak to the adults who went to our school during this time.  They told us that during the day they kept life as normal as possible.  They would play on the street and in the playground.  Many of their games we still play like skipping, football and rounders.  However, at night time they had to turn off all their lights and stay in doors or in their shelters.  This would have been really scary.


We would love to have experienced having our lessons in an Andersen Shelter.  The log book told us that they had even put tables and chairs in the shelters so that classes could continue during air raids. 


It has been really interesting to learn about the history of our school and estate and we can’t wait to share this information with the rest of our classes and our friends and family.


Cameron                                      Aaron

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