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What specialist services and expertise are available to the school?

Parents/carers will be consulted if any outside agency is to be involved with their child.


  • The Educational Psychologist visits the school, following discussions with the SENCo, her timetable is carefully planned;
  • Teachers from the LA Education Inclusion Team work in school to support children both with and without statements/Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP), who may have vision or hearing impairments, ASD or behaviour needs.

The Inclusion team liaise with a number of other outside agencies, for example: 

Social services

Access and Attendance Service

School Nurse

Community Paediatrician

Speech Therapy


Occupational Therapy

Behaviour Support Services

CAMHS (Child And Adult Mental Health Service)


  • The school regularly consults health service professionals. The special needs Coordinator may raise concerns to the attention of the school nurse, and referrals are made as appropriate.
  • Social Services and the Access and Attendance Service will be accessed through the recognisable channels.
  • Parents and Carers will be given details of relevant voluntary support groups as appropriate.
  • We have a number of staff trained to lead on the CAF (Common Assessment Framework)


Here are some websites that may be useful reference for parents:

Autism Awareness

Winston's Wish


Action on Hearing Loss