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What is a 'Special Educational Need'?

The term SEN covers a range of learning, behavioural and medical needs. If a child is a not making adequate progress or is struggling to keep up with their learning we may deem it necessary to carry out some further assessment to find out if there is a particular barrier to learning whether academic, behavioural or physical. If a child is underachieving it does not mean they definitely have a SEN as there are many factors which attribute the learning abilities of individual children.


The areas of need are classed under these headings:


1. Communication and Interaction

2. Cognition and Learning

3. Social, mental and emotional health

4. Sensory and/or physical needs


If you think you or your child may have special educational needs or you have a concern about a SEND related issue, please contact the school office who will refer you on to the SENCo and/or Inclusion Manager.


If after exploring all possible channels with our inclusion team, as laid out in our SEN report, you feel your concerns have not been resolved, you may contact Manor Junior School's governing body.


On receiving correspondence from a parent/carer, the governing body will consult with the Senior Leadership Team and endeavour to resolve the situation.