Our Values and Ethos

On joining the school in September 2017, as the new Head teacher I embarked on a review of the school’s values, ethos and worked with stakeholders to create a vision for our school.




We remember our values using the acronym ERIC.  They are:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Respect
  • Inclusion
  • Challenge


These values are integral to the adults and children’s everyday experiences and guide all we do.


When your child enters Manor Junior School they will be taught by staff who are patient, enthusiastic and have expert subject knowledge.  The staff team is united in its aim to develop life-long learners, who enjoy challenge and achieve well.


At Manor Junior School your child will be part of an inclusive learning community where they are confident to take risks, develop respect for others, problem solve and learn about the amazing world of which they are a part.


Manor Junior School staff are hardworking, trustworthy and approachable to parents, we respect differences, understand the context in which we work and the wider world and aim high for all our children.


We also have a mission statement that uses the initial letters of Manor Junior School:










Children are confident, independent learners.  They have skills to learn independently and are curious to seek out further challenges.  They participate in decision making, are able to speak clearly and confidently, expressing tolerant world views. Their good self-esteem ensures that they are able to appropriately risk take and try new things.  They have an understanding of what they can do and what they need to do to take the next step in their learning




Teachers and other adults that work with children have high expectations of all learners.  They have excellent subject knowledge and a range of teaching skills to draw upon.  They regularly seek to develop their practice to ensure that their pedagogical skills continue to be highly effective for all groups of pupils to engage in learning.  Adults gather accurate assessment information and give incisive feedback to children about what they can do to improve their knowledge.




Our curriculum is the life-blood of Manor Junior School.  Our curriculum engages all learners because it is fun, inspiring and promotes equality of opportunity and diversity. British values are at the heart of our curriculum enabling children to be creative, to transfer skills across their learning and to celebrate being part of a diverse world community.




Our school environment enriches the children’s learning journey by providing a safe place for children to participate in active play and discover the natural world.  Facilities are designed to promote a sense of awe and wonder, where children learn to care for the environment and challenge themselves.


To find out more about our values and ethos download our Equality and Diversity statement.

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