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Our Memories of the Mock Evacuation

The mock evacuation was really exciting and helped us to understand more about how it would have felt to be an evacuee from Barking.


Annika and Cameron really enjoyed visiting the countryside and seeing animals in the fields. Travelling on the old buses and steam train gave them a chance to see lots of farm land and forests.  Amanveer commented that this really made him think what it would have been like coming from the city and travelling to a completely different life. Ella also enjoyed having the opportunity to travel on the old forms of transport.


Preetam thought the bus journey was very exciting because you didn’t know where you were going and what was going to happen.  This made the experience very real.


Amanveer also enjoyed meeting his host family.  It gave him a sense of what it would have felt like to be chosen and have no choice of who you were going to live with.  Uzair felt sad that he would be separated from his family but Annika was happy that as she evacuated with her school her teachers would still be with her.

Haris and Jaydon enjoyed getting to talk to people who had really been evacuated. The experience was very real because there was a replica of an unexploded bomb at the station.  

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