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New PTA members required

It is in the interests of the children of Manor Schools that we regularly recruit active members to the PTA.  Without the voluntary support of parents, carers and friends of our Manor children it will be impossible to continue to raise extra funds for Manor Schools.

Events such as the Christmas, Easter and Summer Fayres together with the Summer Inflatable Day would not be able to go ahead without the help, support and dedication of existing PTA members, friends, family.

To enable the PTA to continue supporting Manor Schools please come along to our monthly meetings, the next meeting to be held on [date to be confirmed] September 8th 2010.  We are always open to suggestions for future prospective events in order to raise funds for Manor Schools.  However, suggested new events always rely on the support of those suggesting parents/carers to help carry these projects through.  If you do have any suggestions, or even want to help in supporting at fundraising events, then please make yourself known to any member of the PTA team, either in person, or drop a note into Manor Schools' Reception who will pass on to a member for their immediate attention.

The Friends of Manor Schools PTA members look forward to hearing from you.
Aman, Angela, Annu, Claudia, Jenny, Pauline, Stephanie, Tas