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Lost Property

The school accumulates a large amount of lost property each term. Any lost items which are found are sent to the Lost Property Box which is just inside the main entrance. Children are encouraged to take care of their belongings so that they do not end up in the lost property. If items are unfortunately lost, pupils are responsible for looking through the box to search for their missing items. Parents/carers are welcome to assist them in looking through the box. 
The lost property box will be sorted each Friday afternoon. If a full name and class is clearly marked on the property it will be returned to the pupil. We are unable to store unclaimed items for long periods. During the last week of each half term any parent/carer will be able to take any item without an identifiable label and keep it for their own child. This way we can ensure that items are recycled and made use of within our own school community. 
On the last day of each half term all remaining property will be recycled for charity. We ask for your support by labelling all of your child’s property and encouraging your child to take responsibility for their belongings. 
Parents wishing to volunteer to assist in sorting the lost property should contact the school office. All help is greatly appreciated.